Spiritual Formation

Spiritual development is an integral part of our community. Our goals include remaining loyal to our Episcopal tradition while respecting the beliefs represented in our community, affirming religious diversity, and encouraging spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional wholeness.

Our community is affirmed every day through our daily Chapel service under the direction of the School Chaplain. Children sing, celebrate birthdays, and listen to a homily, usually ethical in nature. Throughout the year there are special Chapel services for Veterans Day, Grandparents and Special Friends Day, Christmas, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, African-American Read-In, Earth Day, and Fourth of July.

Through Religious Studies, children examine values and ethical questions that are developmentally appropriate. Our students learn about different religious traditions as we celebrate our common humanity. In all of this, the school’s motto, “Dominus Amicus Meus” (God is my friend) unifies us.


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