The Lower School : Grades 1-3

St. Thomas’s Day School builds a strong foundation of academic skills and conceptual learning in grade 1 through 3. The pursuit of academic excellence is achieved through a diversified curriculum based on the developmental stages of children.

The program is designed to educate the whole child to master conceptual learning as well as basic skills. The core program, under the direction of the Head Teacher, is sequential and includes the study of the language arts (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), mathematics, and social studies. We advance individual abilities by using small groups and giving personal attention. Our students are immersed in interactive projects oriented toward discovery; fostering a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem. Tying together these experiences is the creation of a lifelong love of learning and the development of skills necessary for this pursuit.

Children work cooperatively in teams to solve problems, create artwork and perform dramatic productions. Special curriculum areas in art, computer science and digital literacy, library, music, physical education, religious education, science and Spanish complete the program. Technology is incorporated in developmentally appropriate ways and used to deepen the learning experience.  Learning extends beyond the classroom to develop curiosity and to increase the child’s awareness about neighborhood, community, our State, and the wider world.


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