A School Committed to the Whole Child

St. Thomas’s Day School is a co-educational independent day school serving children from Kindergarten through 6th grade and is rooted in both character education and academic rigor.

Mission Statement: St. Thomas’s Day School is a diverse community of children, teachers, parents and parishioners working together to foster learning in the context of faith and personal commitment. As a mission of Saint Thomas’s Episcopal Church, the Day School seeks to educate children broadly by cultivating intelligence while engaging heart and spirit. The School seeks to motivate children of diverse races, creeds, and backgrounds to become independent thinkers who appreciate, understand and serve others.

Families and Community Members Describe St. Thomas’s Day School: 

“Parents and faculty together create a supportive community and a covenant around each child.” 

“St. Thomas’s creates and empowers little leaders.”

 “The academic rigor is outstanding, but what truly sets St. Thomas’s Day School apart is how it teaches children to live in community and to be responsible to one another.”

 “We are a community of engaged parents and kids.”

“Kids can be kids.”

 “St. Thomas’s Day School nurtures a strong, moral culture that is ‘sticky’ and stays with kids for the rest of their lives!”


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